Security Beyond a Password
with Ceptor Login

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Cloud Hosted Multi-Factor Authentication

Sensitive Data Behind Step-up

Your users can login with their preferred Social Login and step-up with 2-factor or eID when accessing personal and sensitive data.

eID Verified Social Logins

Get to know your users whilst offering them full convenience, Ceptor Login combines the user-friendliness of Social Logins with the security of national eID's.

Flexible Account Linking

With Ceptor Login you can allow your users to link their social accounts, which allows you to take advantage of their existing data.

Why Ceptor Login

  • Authentication as a Service

    Add cloud hosted multi-factor authentication and user management to your online applications and focus on your core business.

  • Easy Implementation

    Just embed our JavaScript and connect your application using OpenID Connect

  • User Enrollment

    Use Ceptor Logins intuitive user registration flows or allow self-service registration with social logins or NemID.

  • Need More Features?

    The Ceptor Login Team is ready to implement any features you may need to support your business.

Ceptor Login Cloud Hosted Multi-Factor Authentication
Designed, Developed & Supported in Denmark

Simple Integration using Image

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Ceptor Login is a cloud hosted Multi-Factor Authentication solution that allows you to choose your preferred authentication methods for your online business application.

Ceptor Login provide the security you need and is easily enabled using OpenID Connect.

Ceptor Login is offered as a standalone Software as a Service – SaaS, or together with the On-Premise version of Ceptor.

On this page you can request a Demo of Ceptor Login that currently supports:

  • Danish NemID
  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Social Login (OpenID Connect) supporting:
    Facebook, Google, Microsoft & LinkedIn

Additional national electronic identification solutions will be added. Next is the Swedish BankID solution.

This Demo will introduce you to the integration and administration of Ceptor Login.


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