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Ceptor Login

Our new cloud hosted Multi-Factor Authentication Soltion

Why Ceptor

Multiple Authentication Methods

Ceptor allows your organization to meet all users with a login tailored to their needs while all required login methods can run simultaneously.

CeptorAcceptor of user credentials.

Only Accountable Traffic

Ceptor Gateway intercepts all unwanted traffic while your users experience no noticeable overhead due to Ceptor Gateway’s unmatched performance.

Interceptor of unwanted traffic.

Integrates with Any Server

Ceptor enable deep security integration, session sharing and more. Ceptor Plugins receive user information and provide it to the application server.

Receptor of user rights.

Single Sign-On

Ceptor provide multi domain enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) and session sharing

With an increasing number of systems and applications follows an increasing number of username and passwords. That is why Ceptor offers enterprise SSO and session sharing across your entire application portfolio. SSO enhance your infrastructure with simplicity and improves user experience as the user is relieved of remembering numerous login details.

Session sharing enables SSO across applications by only sharing the session key – any updates are immediately available to all applications, and usage of the shared session enables high security across all your applications by hiding individual server cookies within Ceptor’s session. Read more about Ceptor SSO

Ceptor Secure IT Infrastructure SSO Illustration

All Users

Ceptor is build to support all your users: customers, employees, partners and even your devices.

All Applications

Ceptor integrates with your enterprise applications across any platform both on-premise and in cloud.

All Devices

Ceptor enables access for all devices: laptop, tablet, smartphone and IoT devices.

What is Ceptor?

Ceptor is the new name for Asseco Denmark’s PortalProtect

  • Secure IT Infrastructure

    Ceptor is a Secure IT Infrastructure solution that protects your applications behind our sophisticated Reversed Proxy: Ceptor Gateway. Ceptor also provides single sign-on and security for all your enterprise systems. Read more about Ceptor Gateway

  • Configurable

    Ceptor can be configured to support from small single-server installations to the largest enterprise installations, and can easily be scale if your demands change. Ceptor is proven to support the largest enterprise installations with hundreds of applications and hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. Currently, Ceptor every day protect some of the largest websites for some of the largest Danish enterprises. See our Clients See our Clients

  • Developed by Experts

    Ceptor is designed and developed by Asseco Denmark’s IT security experts together with the sharpest operations specialists. Our goal is to create the strongest security infrastructure possible with a minimum of performance limitations, whilst being simple to operate in even in the most complex environments. Read more about Asseco

  • Complexity, Not a Problem

    Even if you have the most complex infrastructure and security needs are, Ceptor can handle that. Ceptor is created to be extremely flexible, it is far more than just another security product; it is the secure IT infrastructure supporting very complex setups, multiple platforms and extreme large-scale application setups.

  • Performance Driven

    Ceptor is engineered from the ground up with high performance in mind without compromising security. Ceptor easily allows thousands of concurrent requests and is proven in complex high availability setups. You can from a single centrally managed installation run multiple separate clusters, thus separating e.g. intranet and internet sessions from each other if required for security policy or legal reasons.

Ceptor Configurations

Ceptor ensures a comprehensive security setup, whilst offering you the freedom to choose amongst Application Server Plugins and Authentication Plugins that suit your business needs.

We know that it is important to stay on top of trends, especially within IT security. That is why we have made it easy for our customers to adapt to both external and internal influence. With Ceptor we support your existing setup and the setup of our future needs. It does not matter what your needs are – could be Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication, Biometric Access – we will make it work!


Ceptor Configurations

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