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Docker Container Platform

Run Ceptor inside a Docker image to abstract Ceptor from the environment in which it runs, this allows easy and consistent deployments to your environments.

Benefits of running Ceptor in Docker:

  • Easy installation and upgrade
  • Scale up and down as needed
  • Isolation, fewer dependencies to manage
  • Predictability in behaviour across environments
  • Fast provisioning
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Ceptor together with Kubernetes orchestrator allows integration with your existing applications, enabling fast deployment

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Docker Swarm

Ceptor and Docker’s orchestrator gives you fast deployments using Docker’s own clustering solution

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OpenShift self-hosted or in the cloud allows Ceptor to fit in alongside your existing application portfolio.

Cloud Platforms

You have the option of deploying Ceptor on a cloud service. Currently we have Ceptor running on:

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Amazon Web Service

Ceptor can easily be deployed on AWS with integration to the AWS solutions.

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Microsoft Azure

Ceptor support both Microsoft .NET and Java-based applications.


Ceptor Server can run on any platform – both On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid – where a Java Virtual Machine is available. Currently our customers are using:

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Microsoft Windows Server

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Oracle Solaris

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