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Ceptor API Management Capabilities

A full-featured API Management product which enables access to full API management functionality.

Features range from a Service Repository with built-in support for authoring APIs to full support for Ceptors many proven authentication and authorization methods over full API Gateway functionality to a customizable API Developer Portal supporting self-registration which allows you to expose your APIs to both internal and external consumers.

Where other products focus mostly on monetizing APIs, Ceptor API Management is more focused on providing flexibility to enterprising solving complex use cases that go far beyond simply publishing and subscribing to APIs.

Ceptor API Management: Built on top of Ceptor’s proven flexibility.







API Management

  • API lifecycle
  • Publish APIs to one or more environments
  • Mock APIs
  • Restrict access to APIs or operations
  • Implement APIs in JavaScript, Groovy or Python
  • Proxy APIs
  • Implement API using Drag and drop Pipelines and Tasks (or Policies)

API Gateway

  • API Usage / Monitoring
  • Proxying or Implementing APIs
  • Mocking APIs
  • Authentication and Authorization
    • Enabling full use of the entire arsenal of Ceptor Authentication Plugins
    • Gateway configuration can override security defined on APIs
    • Use Ceptor’s API Partner or your own existing user repository
  • Expose published APIs on multiple environments in one or more Gateways
    • Based upon hostname, path, restricted IP addresses, GeoIP etc.
  • Plugins for API usage datastore, use a prebuilt or create your own
    • Consolidate usage information from many sources including Ceptor into your own custom data repository or SIEM product

API Developer Portal

  • Exposes APIs to consumers
  • Internal and/or External
  • Self-registration
  • API subscription
  • Built-in API execution – try invoking APIs from the portal itself
  • API discovery and documentation
  • Supports multiple API Developer Portals

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