Who are we?

The most skilled Advisory IT Engineers

Ceptor is a team of Denmark’s most talented IT craftsmen and advisory IT Engineers. Engagement, curiosity and innovative thinking ensures that we are always updated on the most recent knowledge and practice. In our daily work with application development and IT implementation we go in depth with perspective, just like we always are looking for game changing solutions.

We proudly created Ceptor for Enterprise use back in 2000 together with our first customers and it is still in use by them today, although the current version has come far since then.

More than just Technical

However, we are much more than just technical. We are people who have a holistic and pragmatic approach to our tasks. Through dialogue, partnership and respectful collaboration with our customer and our customer’s business, we help with analyzing and converting business related needs to IT solutions that are tailored to the business processes. We are creating value for our customers because we are competent and sincere people.
The people who created Ceptor are with us today, and actively supports our customers proving our goals of providing long-term partnership.
We are proud of our support and how we help our customers security their business critical applications.

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