Even Deeper Elasticsearch Integration with Ceptor 6.2

We have just released Ceptor 6.2 with even deeper integration with Elasticsearch.

Using Ceptor you can now create any custom Elasticsearch query you wish, and Ceptor will parse the results and use it to display charts within either a Dashboard inside Ceptor Console, or generated PDF reports.

If Elasticsearch is chosen as data storage for API Usage Data within Ceptor API Management, data for these API calls, such as top callers, response time percentiles etc. is automatically shown when viewing APIs.

Also, we have added a new OAuth 2.0 Token task to our Pipelines and Task functionality which allows you to retrieve and use OAuth 2.0 Tokens from 3. parties just by dragging in a Task instead of write complex scripts to achieve this functionality.

Other enhancements include:

  • Automatic Elasticsearch index creation
  • Improved RetrieveURL Task
  • Update of the embedded Groovy to 2.5.5, which is used for scripting

Existing customers can learn more at Ceptor Docs.

Best regards,

The Ceptor Team @ Asseco Denmark