More Features in Ceptor

We have just released a new version of Ceptor, which is enriched with the following features:

  • IP Range support – Specify any number of IP ranges in the Ceptor Gateway Configuration, and use these ranges in Conditions to match Locations if a remote IP address is (or isn’t) in a particular IP Range
  • IP Reputation Database support – Load IP Ranges from online IP Reputation databases, and take action. These actions could be:
    • Lower service level for known bad IPs
    • Trigger additional authentication
    • Block requests from known attackers, spammers, fraudsters etc.
  • Use IP Ranges in Authorization for both Locations within the Ceptor Gateway, and within individual APIs in Ceptor API Gateway
  • Renegotiate SSL at will – Require SSL client certificate if a certain path is requested, if a particular header is in the request, or if the client IP is in a certain range
  • Read/write access to individual API Groups can now be restricted, so only certain API administrators get read or write access to them, and all APIs and API versions are defined within an API Group.

Existing customers with a support subscription can read more at Ceptor Docs.

Stay tuned for more Ceptor Product News.

Best regards,

The Ceptor Team @ Asseco Denmark