Welcome Ceptor 6.0 incl. API Management

We are proud to announce the release of Ceptor 6.0, which includes the new Ceptor API Management.

Ceptor API Management is a full-featured API Management solution, which allows you to define and edit your APIs and administer API Partners and Partner Applications.

Partners and Developers can use Ceptor API Developer Portal, where they can sign-up and create/manage their own applications. Within the Ceptor API Developer Portal, you can browse the APIs you expose, subscribe to them and try them out.

You can deploy Ceptor Gateway with Ceptor API Gateway functionality, meaning it exposes and secures your configured APIs with the authentication and authorization flexibility already know from Ceptor.

Using the Ceptor Console, you can create and edit your APIs, and you can expose them as OpenAPI Specification v2 or v3.

You have full control!

Existing customers with a support subscription can read more at Ceptor Docs.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

Best regards,

The Ceptor Team @ Asseco Denmark